New and improved in Weibull++/ALTA Version 2018

Enhanced database security

ReliaSoft 2018 now supports Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) implementations in SQL Server and Oracle databases. In addition, it supports encryption in transit to further secure the connection between the ReliaSoft applications and the enterprise database. For SQL Server databases, you can set the encryption type when you create a new enterprise repository or create a connection to an existing enterprise repository in any ReliaSoft application. For Oracle databases, the encryption type is set from the server.

Improved ribbon navigation
New custom units wizard
New search features
Same folder name within project explorer
Customizable plot properties
New spreadsheet functions in Weibull++ and ALTA
DOE examples included with Weibull++ and ALTA
Usage format warranty analysis folio in Weibull++
Access to Stress Profiles from data sheet in ALTA
Updated Interface for Wizards
Extract Data from a Detail in XFRACAS to Weibull++