Solutions for Risk and Safety

Operating any business can be a risky endeavor. The consequences of any risk element can adversely impact the businesses’ economic performance, professional reputation, as well as environmental, employee and community safety. Despite the element of uncertainty, it is possible to predict risks, design actions to minimize their negative consequences, and maximize the positive ones.

Training courses offered in our Risk and Safety track will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to implement risk discovery and management methods, and review software tools that can be applied to product development, asset management, production, and transactional business processes.

These methods and techniques support the ISO 31000 standard for Risk Management.

SMRP Approved ProviderAs an SMRP Approved Provider, select HBM Prenscia Academy training courses are recognized to provide continuing education that aligns with the most relevant topics and best practices in the industry according to the SMRP Body of Knowledge and/or the Asset Management Landscape, which is published by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.

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