Standards Based Reliability Prediction

Learn reliability prediction, allocation and derating analysis

Course overview - 2 days (onsite only)

Standards Based Reliability Prediction provides an overview of standards based reliability prediction techniques, with an emphasis on the use of ReliaSoft Lambda Predict software to build and analyze system configurations in accordance with a published prediction standard (such as MIL-HDBK-217, Bellcore/Telcordia, NSWC or FIDES and Siemens SN 29500).

This course teaches you how to use Lambda Predict to build a standards based reliability model for your product.
Learning objectives
  • Learn how to obtain an initial indication of whether a design will be able to meet reliability objectives and identify potential problem areas early in development
  • Compare design alternatives and/or trade-off system design factors
  • Consider environmental and other stress factors that have a significant impact on system performance yet may otherwise be overlooked

Topics included:

  • Overview of standards based reliability prediction
  • How to build a reliability system model
  • How to analyze model results
  • Allocation methods (such as Feasibility of Objectives, AGREE, ARINC and others)
  • Derating analysis

Who should attend?

This course is primarily for electrical/electronic engineers or for those mechanical engineers using standards based predictions as part of their development process.